Welcome to InfusionsKW!

Welcome to Infusions KW! Here will be the Healing Blog where I will post all the benefits, uses, and personal experience on the multitude of spices and herbs. Please keep in mind that my goal is not to replace professional medical treatments or advices given by your doctor. My only aim is to share knowledge on how spices and herbs can assist symptoms of various conditions and perhaps prevent future medical conditions from occurring. Knowledge is the first step in changing to a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t forget to browse our collection of healthy, easy, delicious recipes on my Simple Recipes page. (include link)


Enjoy my experiences, thoughts, and tap into the flavorful world of Infusions KW. May all of us be blessed with a life of longevity, good health and peace. Amen


“Studies show that many different herbs and spices offer health benefits,” says David Heber, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

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