School Lunches

Good morning K-town. As i sit and think what fruits and veggies I need to get for home and the business, I feel upset inside because the kind of junk food available at my children’s schools. No matter how hard we try at home the influence of environment at school can interfere with our healthy lifestyle journey. My youngest Sara takes pride in packing her healthy snack and tries to teach her friends (including teachers) at school about how bad sugar and msg is. My son sometimes does and sometimes no but tries to buy “healthy” like corn or kabob next to baqala mall by their school. The soda and icecream is so tempting especislly if your whole squad if boys  (all over weight i might add) are drinking and eating junk. Never underestimate peer pressure. However, my 9th graders wouldn’t pack a snack to take school if life depended on it lol! I give them money and pray they make good choices. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. I don’t look forward to finding wrappers of nasty candy in pocket uniforms or of chips in their school bags. Ok venting done, now back to my grocery list at fruit/veggies market.

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