Turmeric a healing spice

Turmeric is a spice not too many individuals are aware of. It’s mainly seen in South Asian cuisines – particularly in India.  Turmeric is a very powerful natural healer. Known to be a very strong painkiller and an anti-inflammatory ingredient, adding Turmeric to your daily food intake can be of great benefit in tackling from something as basic as a headache or a wound(I use it on my kids scratches and scrapes from playing outside) to helping cope with severe conditions like Rheumatoid_Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.

I personally used Turmeric to help me with my Lupus and the 2 other conditions mentioned above. When I was diagnosed with #SLE in 2009 I was taking many pain killers daily to help with my joints, body pain, and kidney infections. Honestly, I was on 21 pills a day inbetween supplements, cortisone steroids, pain killers, high blood pressure and cholesterol meds! It was a horrible experience popping pills almost every hour!

I started adding Turmeric to everything even juice and cooking with it. Along with a few other dietary changes, physical activity, becoming more spiritual and a serious mentality adjustment (was in a deep depression also taking pills for it), I am blessed to say I am basically pain free and more tolerant of flare ups. The only medicine I take now is 1 pill for my blood pressure (working on elimnating this too) and 1 multi-vitamin supplement. Of course, I have bad days like when it is cold or if I don’t sleep well and I have to take something for a migraine.
*Along with this, Turmeric serves as a great tool for detoxing your liver.

*Turmeric has also shown signs of eliminating cancerous cells from our #digestive system as well as preventing more to form.

*I even use it as a #mask on my #face to help with skin disorders related to my illness. (weekends only you will turn yellow orange color like a bad fake tan! )

*You can easily introduce #turmeric to your #diet by purchasing it in powdered form from us. Turmeric Spice. We get ours from #India and grind it ourselves.

Alhamdallah. God is Great! There is a saying in Arabic, “nafseeya nos elaij”.  Loosely transalates as, “The psychological well being the mental aspect is half of the cure/treatement.” I couldn’t agree more! What about you?

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