Miracle Honey

Many of you have experienced using turmeric as a spice, for preparation of the widely known golden milk, or as a strong supplement found in healthy food stores. Did you know that our turmeric combined with honey and blackseed combined becomes an invaluable natural remedy?! Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties, destroys bacteria that cause diseases and promotes the body’s natural defenses. Blackseed was reported from Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) to cure everything but death. Honey was also mentioned in the Quran of its healing benefits. So Infusions KW put them all together!

Unlike synthetic antibiotics found in the pharmacy, turmeric has no negative effects on the intestinal micro flora. The use of our Turmeric Blackseed Honey improves digestion and increases the beneficial flora activity in the gut. It is traditional natural remedy, antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

At the first sign of cold or flu symptoms:
Day 1 – Take ½ tsp. every hour during the day.
Day 2 – Take ½ tsp. every two hours during the day.
Day 3 – Take ½ tsp. three times a day.

The mixture should stay in the mouth until its completely dissolved. Do not drink anything for 5 minutes.

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