I am not a chef!

Alot of people always ask why I don’t put self-taught chef on my description or when I talk about myself. The fact of the matter is I’m not self self-taught, I’ve been taught by hundreds of people my whole life starting off from my father. I have been learning cooking my whole life and even when I travel I take classes from locals in every country that I visit. I learned from my mother-in-law, Umm Othman, God bless her the sweetest woman that I know, has taught me so much about Middle Eastern cuisine. So no I’m not a self-taught chef and I don’t have a degree and I can’t plate pretty or make fancy meals so I don’t call myself a chef. I have total respect and admiration for real chefs and could never think to pretend to be one! I am just an individual who loves food and and I’m confident enough in the kitchen with skills and knowledge of ingredients that I can put a meal together. I’m someone that wants to feed good meals to my family especially in a society now where almost everybody’s got some kind of illness or obesity problem. I love food! I love spices! I love the ingredients that God has given us and are surrounding us. I am fascinated that in every country there’s different versions of the same kind of ingredients that give you different results in flavor and texture. I’ve learned a lot of techniques along the way on my journey, I have a lot of real chef friends and I am just like an open book I want to learn and record everything from them. So by no means am I self-taught at all and I stand firm by that! I’m not ashamed of that, I’m just somebody whose confident in the kitchen and loves it and shares that experience with all of you!

Love more and laugh alot. Eat well and move around. Life is a blessing so live it right!

Xoxo Patty

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