Blackseed vent!

😡Somebody please explain to me when I open my Instagram timeline… It’s flooded with 100s of posts from foodie accounts of non-Muslim brothers and sisters using Black Seed every fricking meal! Open “our” timeline and what do you see honestly…even our healthy personalities.😵 Only time you see people using Black Seed is close to Ramadhan or Umm Flan who is over 50 years old! 😞People who are not believers in the faith, believe in it and use it more than us. Science has revealed its nutritional benefits recently but Islam revealed its worldly and spiritual benefits over 1500 years ago! 😤So why aren’t you using it and posting about it!? Why aren’t healthy restaurants using them in Q8?! Too busy posting about products, knowledge, and ingredients min barra! Fine, do that but celebrate what we have at home too! What we have to offer as far as knowledge. I see trendy yoga peeps sending me ancient Indian remedies. Cool! Learn and diversify. BUT DON’T FORGET THE KNOWLEDGE WE HAVE RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN HISTORY. SHOW THE OTHER SIDE OF US TOO! THE WORLD IS PLAGUED WITH GENERALIZATIONS ABOUT ISLAM. The simplest way to counteract that is not standing on Islamic soapbox but simply sharing with the world the healing practices, the kind gestures, the ingredients favored in Islamic medicine and give credit where it is do. 😁just a smile is charity remember?! Ok vent over!

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