Diet in Islam…

Alhamdulillah, we all love food, and we all love to eat. But really is this the right attitude to have? Yes, food is a blessing from ALLAH and it tastes wonderfully and there is so much variety, but ALLAH makes it clear in the Quran He dislikes those who are excessive, and that goes for us being excessive with food consumption. Not only are we guided to eat only halal and tayeb food we are guided to eat without indulging. We are guided to drink not excessively and things that are good for us (šŸ–Starbucks addict unfortunately). Even in our breathing, we don’t do enough. I learned in yoga the importance of breathing and realize most of us just gulp air but we are guided to let 1/3 of our tummy be air. That means breathe more and be conscious of it because every inhale and exhale is also a blessing from Allah.
Tomorrow I will sit at Iftar and look at the food ALLAH blessed us with, the provisions we have each and everyday that others around world don’t and say Alhamdallah.

We all need to eat to survive, no one is denying that. However, we need a lot less then we think we need. And we also need to be very conscious of what we are eating and drinking and even our breathing.

Fasting in Ramadan, doesn’t mean less food it means eat your food with meaning. Let’s not indulge into consumer traditions (yep I am guilty of food coma every year). Ask yourself this during Ramadan: Are you still able to function? Do you feel better because of fasting? I know for myself after years of doctors telling me not to fast due to my Lupus, high blood pressure, and pancreas issues (told I was diabetic but actually was not) that when I decided to take small steps im fasting. Now, I am able to fast and survived! Research shows intermittent fasting heals your body and reboots it! I can function and I feel a whole lot better when I fast. In fact, research says doing fasting couple days a week is great for the body (for those who can). Well, we know that our Prophet recommended Mondays and Thursdays to fast regulary besides Ramadan. Every year I wake up more and more. I just wanted to share my Ramadan journey and thoughts with you because it’s a significant Ramadan for me.

Laugh more. Move around. Love alot. God bless!

Xoxo Patty

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