May is Lupus awareness month

I thank God everyday I wake up that my Lupus doesnt flare up and put me back in hospital. I used to suffer extreme chronic pain and couldnt sleep or go work. SLE or any auto immune disease is debilitating that hinders the quality of life for those who have it. I also have rheumatoid_arthritis and fibromyalgia.
We suffer silently until something breaks down and most of our family, friends, and yes even doctors do not understand what we go through until major damage is done to either an organ or a horrible fever or an unexplainable body rash. There is no cure for Lupus but with awareness people now live longer lives with few incidences.
Many of you do not know this but bulk of my business Infusions KW the “creations” from then until now is always looking for alternatives to eat better for me to help control my disease. My love affair with Turmeric and many other herbs and spices started so I could try to alleviate my symptoms from my Lupus. I have not taken any cortisone steroids for 3 years and barely take pain killers. Yes, I have bad days but compared to back then when i used to lay in my bed to now running a small business and home with a big family. I am blessed!
I really believe that consuming healing type foods/ingredients and changing your mentality are the major steps to overcome this condition and be healthy. The biggest point is that diet affects your health. Try more excercise, meditation , sleeping well. If you eat well and use certain spices, drink plenty of water all this can help keep your disease in check.
Please wear purple all month and show your support.
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