Turmeric a healing spice

Turmeric is a spice not too many individuals are aware of. It’s mainly seen in South Asian cuisines – particularly in India.  Turmeric is a very powerful natural healer. Known to be a very strong painkiller and an anti-inflammatory ingredient, adding Turmeric to your daily food intake can be of great benefit in tackling from something as basic as a headache or a wound(I use it on my kids scratches and scrapes from playing outside) to helping cope with severe conditions like Rheumatoid_Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.

I personally used Turmeric to help me with my Lupus and the 2 other conditions mentioned above. When I was diagnosed with #SLE in 2009 I was taking many pain killers daily to help with my joints, body pain, and kidney infections. Honestly, I was on 21 pills a day inbetween supplements, cortisone steroids, pain killers, high blood pressure and cholesterol meds! It was a horrible experience popping pills almost every hour!

I started adding Turmeric to everything even juice and cooking with it. Along with a few other dietary changes, physical activity, becoming more spiritual and a serious mentality adjustment (was in a deep depression also taking pills for it), I am blessed to say I am basically pain free and more tolerant of flare ups. The only medicine I take now is 1 pill for my blood pressure (working on elimnating this too) and 1 multi-vitamin supplement. Of course, I have bad days like when it is cold or if I don’t sleep well and I have to take something for a migraine.
*Along with this, Turmeric serves as a great tool for detoxing your liver.

*Turmeric has also shown signs of eliminating cancerous cells from our #digestive system as well as preventing more to form.

*I even use it as a #mask on my #face to help with skin disorders related to my illness. (weekends only you will turn yellow orange color like a bad fake tan! )

*You can easily introduce #turmeric to your #diet by purchasing it in powdered form from us. Turmeric Spice. We get ours from #India and grind it ourselves.

Alhamdallah. God is Great! There is a saying in Arabic, “nafseeya nos elaij”.  Loosely transalates as, “The psychological well being the mental aspect is half of the cure/treatement.” I couldn’t agree more! What about you?

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For You Daddy

Since opening this website is a new phase in my life on #this_infusions_journey, I see it only fit to pay tribute to the one (besides The Almighty Creator) that stood by me through all storms and lead me to the nearest shore. Unfortunately, he is not here now to share this success story of my first website/blog. A platform I will use to reach out and share what information I have about healing and getting back into the kitchen using all the natural wonders around us. I wrote this in the late night and it will probably be the prologue to anything else I do with Infusions KW. Never the less, I let it go here on this blog…and now I can go on.

Dedicated to my late father Terrence Richard Marotte who taught me all I needed to know about life and the kitchen. The best memories of my childhood were the ones by his side learning the basics such as cutting, marinating, and mixing. Since I can remember I was always watching and listening him do his “thing” in the kitchen. By the time I was 13 years old (my eldest daughter’s age now), I was proudly able to produce an entire Thanksgiving dinner or 5 course Thai cuisine themed dinner. The kitchen was our church and the table our altar. The kitchen was only place in our home that was relaxed and not plagued with domestic violence or the echoed stresses of daily life.  The table is where could talk about the day’s events or gossip of the neighborhood. Talks of aspiration were allowed, but we could not discuss politics nor religion (that was something we did as he lit up his pipe on the front porch at night). Under absolutely no circumstances could we complain of our “in house” situation (my mother was a substance abuser and a gambler). So every meal was full of talks about hopes, dreams, and happy things.  Something I am proud to have continued with my children on our table daily.  So while most of my generation were serving up frozen TV dinners and microwavable hot pockets,  I was learning how to make a proper roux base for any cream sauce and using mirepoix in stews. I learned the importance of fresh ingredients and using what was in season. He was my inspiration, my rock, and my best friend. Since he left this Earth too soon, it is with my cooking and these very creations you see on the website that I find my solace in this Life.

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